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While modern technology has verified the existence of thousands of Trans-Neptunian objects, the specific Trans-Neptunian objects that are used by the Hamburg School and Uranian astrology have not yet been validated or disproven as of September Some members of the Hamburg School have for a number of years asserted that some of Witte's Trans-Neptunians may actually be the barycenters of clusters of Trans-Neptunian objects, and shun both the labels "planet" and "object" for this reason.

Witte did however describe the colors of two of his inner Transneptunians, Cupido and Hades, in articles in the anthology Der Mensch - Eine Empfangsstation kosmischer Suggestionen. Astrologers were interned in June , including Rudolph. He committed suicide he worried about his state pension , [10] in His work was resurrected by his students, among whom was Ludwig Rudolph, after In the mid 20th century, a collection of Witte's observations and techniques came to be described in the English speaking world as Uranian astrology.

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Shortage due to prior extravagance, or in other cases, damaging stinginess. Drawing of premature conclusions. Coercion of the group or collective. Assertion without full understanding of social or karmic consequences; Belief in "might makes right". Assumption of personal or national omnipotence; Administrative abuse. Misguided power. Imbalances leading to high-impact backlash. Spiritual dogma or unsubstantiated theory.

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Ideas divorced from reality either spiritual or physical. Mindless parroting of ideas or beliefs. Programmed thinking. MARS is an inner, personal planet, and is associated with personal energy, drive, passion, and productivity in meeting immediate day-to-day needs; its efforts are often more sporadic and less disciplined than those of Zeus or Vulkanus unless combined by aspect or pictures with Saturn or Admetos.

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ZEUS, following Cupido and Hades, is a more socially conscious planet and represents restrained and disciplined energy that is at best asserted with consideration for both social impact and longterm personal impact. Its most productive effects are often the result of preparatory training.

VULKANUS, following Apollon and Admetos, is both widely experienced and socially aware, and at the same time profound and reflective, so that is exerted with great caution and deliberation; it is somewhat like a higher permutation of Pluto, in that it can manifest as transformative energy or management of others' affairs and assets to coordinate and direct communal energies toward one goal, or to manage them within a set of guidelines or laws. Vulkanus is the planet of administration and politics, and is prominent in the charts of police, politicians, and organizational coordinators and administrators; it is also prominent in the chart of those who struggle with or abuse laws, and have not reaped appropriate understanding of cause-and-effect from their experiences and opportunities for reflection.

Saturn has to do with past achievements in this lifetime and personal contributions and personal cause and effect, mostly on the material plane. Hades has to do with cause and effect in a social context; and Admetos has to do with root causes and origins, and foundations.

Saturn assesses situations from a pragmatic standpoint, often with a strong material bias. Hades probes and investigates to identify specific problem areas and to understand their causes. Admetos penetrates to the roots of phenomena to see what they are at the core. Hades and Admetos may yield information on causal factors from earlier lifetimes. Both are secretive. Neptune has not yet gone through the Cupido step of social integration, while Hades has. Neptune deceives by way of naive evasion; Hades deceives by way of deliberate subversion.

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Neptune's service is more out of compassion and ability to empathize personally. Hades' service is out of a sense of a deeper understanding of the social realities of long-range cause and effect. Pluto builds, or else willfully destroys either in order to rebuild, or out of subconscious compulsion; Hades corrects imperfections, or else neglects or undermines out of primal jealousy survival instinct , or pure apathy.

Hades has already progressed past the processes of Pluto personal transformative capacity and Cupido socialization so that its behavior is based more on social awareness than is that of Pluto. Refer to tables above.

Pluto is not necessarily aware of its social implications, while Hades probably is. Pluto may be inadvertently exploitive due to a lack of awareness of the full social repercussions of its actions, but Hades more likely knows what the consequences are and either acts constructively with a social consciousness, or neglects the laws of social cause and effect, and exploits knowingly or with simple indifference.

Hades is concerned with the basic functions and necessities of life, and social survival. In a crass and compassionless society, it manifests in a seemingly primitive manner, as the repressed shadow of crass materialism.

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In more evolved settings, it is the perceptive and compassionate individual with a social conscience and a drive to serve others for the improvement of society. It has high manifestations and low manifestations that are as remarkably different as those of Pluto. Because so many of our social and cultural paradigms do not provide us clear understanding of what these energies are and how to use them; and thus who consciously seek understanding of the energies are able to make the higher potentials manifest, while those who do not are left in the dark to struggle with the energies semi-consciously or unconsciously.

The most effective way to explore Uranian techniques is through use of the Special Uranian program by Aureas Software of Paris. Click here for further information. Restriction; inhibition. Self-restraint, stability, consistency. Rigidity; inflexibility. Dealing effectively with convention. Inertia; fear of change; excessive conventionality. Mature pragmatism. Updating of outmoded thinking.

New structures and techniques. Ability to "walk in others' shoes". Compassion and insight into others' problems.

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Seeing beyond one's own ego. Realization of one's spiritual unity with other people and things. Metaphysical, spiritual, or artistic inspiration. Fascination with one's power to change people and things; power plays and manipulation Development and change. Constructive building. Demolition without rebuilding. Also, furtherance of others' development, transitions, or changes. Collective resource management for the highest good of all. Clannishness; Nepotism.

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Understanding of aesthetic complementation and wholeness. Social bonding at a deeper level. Issues of interdependence and self-reliance within a communal context. Sacrifice for the upliftment of society. Socially-referenced instincts. Assistance in helping others solve problems. Remedial processes. Interest in psychology, chemistry, or medicine. Connection with natural, universal laws.

Applied metaphysics. Understanding of and experience with basic, raw energies.

The Hypothetical Trans-Neptunian Planets

Investigation of primal causes and processes; willingness to deal with primal problems. Understanding of history as a causal factor. Systematic organization of energies; directorship. Disciplined action. Self defense. Combativeness; hostility. Arrogance; Snobbery.