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The June 28 birthday personality traits show you are devoted to your friends and a joy to be around. You were taught that family and home life came first, but you were very accommodating to other people and their needs. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Normally, those born on this day can develop lasting and dedicated friendships. Being close to family, a friend of a Cancer personality is always willing to give a helping hand. As an alternative, you tend to be a little self-absorbed.

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According to the 28th June zodiac meanings , as a Cancer in love, you give affection without question. It is not long before you start to have deep feelings for your partner.

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And you expect the same in return from your lover. Mostly, you target those who are understanding and accepting of your faults as well as your positive traits. Ordinarily, you stay distant from people who can be superficial.

The June 28 astrology analysis predicts you have great instincts and can usually identify a partner who is devoted and who will make a concerned parent. When you talk about work options, you look for a financial package that could be beneficial as you take responsibility for your retirement.

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If today June 28 is your birthday, then you are a Cancer personality with sound work ethics. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Try The Quiz Now!! You accept the discipline of being able to work long and hard for what you want. If you had your choice, you would work in social services or something that would provide a helpful service for someone. Usually, the health conditions of those born under the zodiac sign Cancer are favorable with the exception of being plagued with issues relating to stress and fatigue. Test Now! What your birthday June 28th says about you is that you will likely take to sweets as a means of making yourself feel better when you are feeling blue.

This could easily be switched to fruits to avoid weight gain and other associated illnesses.

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Also, drink plenty of fluids before eating. The Cancer birthday personality horoscope profile for June 28 shows you are bashful people who usually put up a front by shielding themselves from hurt and pain. Those born on this day are hardworking individuals who do not have time for foolish games.

If you are supportive of a Cancer personality, you will receive a devoted and understanding friend or lover. As a profession, you would be happiest in a career that provides help for the community or society. Your Birthday Tarot Card is Magician.

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This card symbolizes new skills and talents, communication and creativity. Text a psychic. Max 3 per reply. You must have bill payers permission. Calls recorded for your protection, Max call duration 19 minutes for number. These services are for entertainment only. UK only.

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To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. Being determined and realistic about property choices yields a positive outcome but listen to your intuition over where you would be happiest. The super-moon enables you to tune in to your true feelings and make the correct relationship decisions.

This is prime time for an unexpected marriage proposal from someone who has always avoided commitment.