Tarot reading january 27

Take time to breathe. Don't accept someone else's problems as your own at this time. Let go of situations that are out of your hands and be head on when wanting something done. You may have to come along side and give clearer directions in areas that aren't as organized, but flow returns easier than usual. Sometimes we overestimate how much a person can handle when it comes to expressing concern and personal opinion. You may have overstepped a boundary or hurt a friend's feelings without realizing it. Being sensitive to how others may feel but not show it will help to make this moment past.

Mantras for Meditation: January 27 - February 2 | California Psychics

When you are confronted with negative energy, you tend to shut down and get quiet. Do what you need to recenter. Thank the universe for revealing what was once concealed. You are on the path to hope and mental clarity. If you have a vision or a new idea of a goal you've been putting off, wait no longer.

Your time has come!

Go for it, confident one! You are open to doing complicated things in different ways but that doesn't mean you want to. The World Tarot card means that options open up to you but you may not be happy with those choices and instead choose none. If you've been feeling more intensely driven at work, look to see if anyone likes to meet with work friends after hours. Socializing and Network is key to your success. You may need to step out of that box to see how good your life can be. A person may show that they secretly admire you and the feelings may be mutual.

The Magician Tarot card means that you have talents that can be used to draw attention to yourself but you choose to be humble. Some regrets can dog our steps, however hard we march onwards or however fast we may run from them. Perhaps how well you protect your lifestyle materially insurances, pension, savings etc You decide. The Queen of Swords shows your independence, your intellectual skills being put to use, your need for space and solitude and, indeed, having NO role to play Taurus needs sleep godammnit! How much time and effort do they demand, and repay, of you?

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Are some outdated or no longer serving you? Are you spending more time in the ones you do out of obligation than for fun? The fastest route out of this rut is found via the Ten of Coins: reconnect over a shared long-term goal or ambition. Do you have ideas or strategies for achieving this? Can you pool resources and make a commitment? Painting a picture of who you can both become in the future will shake you out of the dissatisfactions felt in the present, and get you back on track.

The Five of Coins deepens the melancholy, and hints your mind has even wandered back to the past and started to ruminate on old wounds… NOPE! And THIS is the week to do it. Seek your own portal. What treats, activities, bliss and pleasure can you set up for yourself this week to remind you of how GOOD life can be. Book a holiday, buy the shoes, plan an adventure, make a date… do it. Those shadowy half-truths that fester inside, because we keep them private and therefore we never really get the full story.

Tarot Reading for Jan 28 – Feb 3

Others wonder what the HELL is going on. Things will become clearer and your dreams will be closer to coming true than before. Taurus, speak kind words. Speak positively to yourself and you will become less tolerant when others don't do the same. Gemini, choose love. There are always decisions to make in life, but the choice to love is always the highest priority. Cancer, what makes you happy? Things in life are changing but at the end the goal is happiness.

Keep those things that have symbolic meaning for you and keep you in the right spirit.

Leo, stay positive. It's easy to become bogged down in the details or concern for another person. Release your worries and live in the areas where you sense sunshine is on your back.

Daily Tarot Reading for January 27, 2019

Virgo, you hold the cards. You may feel that others have influence in your life more than you do at times.

January 2018 Tarot Reading

Today, you have the power to move things in a new direction that is beneficial to your goals. Libra, savor each moment.

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Life is precious and each moment is one that will never come again. Embrace beauty in all things and don't worry if you color outside the lines. Scorpio, let go of unmet expectations.