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Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics.

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Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

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Scorpio Fashion? Strong Scorpio People born under the Scorpio Sun are rarely weak willed, or of a weak disposition generally. Come To The Dark Side You might know that the Scorpio zodiac sign rules over all things that are dark and mysterious, including the tarot, occult, magic, death and rebirth. Tanzanite is found naturally in three colors, blue, violet and brown.

To get the most beautiful shades of tanzanite, the gem must be heat treated. Most stones are heat-treated, so there is no difference in value between heat treated and non heat treated gems. The first 12 birthstones are said to have originated on the breastplate of Aaron. God instructed him to make a breastplate inlaid with 12 gemstones.

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The instructions were specific; make a square of gems precious stones with four rows of three gems each. The stones were there to represent each of the twelve sons of Isreal, and engraved with the name of the twelve tribes. An Alternate Theory There is another theory that suggest the birthstone gems and colors were chosen, one per apostle. The theory is that each apostle was represented by one gem.

Astrology Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

While the Bible tells us that the gems were already a representation of the twelve sons and tribes of Israel, there is reason to believe that later, the gems were also recognized as symbols of the apostles. Birthstone history has long been associated with the zodiac calendar. For many years, gemstones were said to have healing powers and astrologers were often sought after for advice when it came to healing. Every single native from the zodiac has a link with one or more precious or semi precious stones, charms helping them to surpass difficult situations and even speed up their recovery from an illness.

Find out which are the colors, but also the lucky stones matching your sign, but also the their significance. The link between stars and the welfare of the signs is more important than you think!

What do the different Zodiac colors mean?

Click on your zodiac signs and find out more about your lucky gemstone. Originally, birthstones were meant to be worn as a form of protection.

Each stone had special strengths. Then, when the stone was worn by a person born under the same sign as the stone, the stones strengths were enhanced. Men wore their birthstones when they went out to protect and provide for families. At home, the stones were worn to protect against disease of the mind and body. Healing Powers It was common for healers to use gemstones to help cure their patients. For instance, citrine was used to heal digestive ailments, aquamarine was said to be an antidote to poison and pearls were used to cure insanity.

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Opals were said to be the cause of the black death. Those who wore an opal on their skin would change color as the wearer got sick and died due to the lack of heat coming off the body.

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In , the National Association of Jewelers met to discuss and adopt the official birthstone list as we know it today. The list has only been updated twice. The first time was in , to adjust the colors of one stone, and add and drop others. The next time it was altered was in , when tanzanite was added to December. The modern list was based off the original zodiac calendar of birthstones, but when the list was standardized, more affordable gemstone options were added to certain months.