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No fit was ever thrown. I was very polite with Magi Bette and was told I could NOT get new key codes for re-installing my software after a PC crash because the software was too old. I even gave her my credit card info for the upgrade, but no software ever came. Truthspeaker, you are a liar also.

Typical Christian hypocrite — truthspeaker is a liar and a TMS are supposedly Christian who never forgive or offer kindness, but expect special reverence and respect. I expected the same from TMS. I paid for it with a serial number, so I still run it and reinstall after any crash into eternity or as long as I have an old box to run it on. The Magi Society TMS is a closed membership group where you do not own the software you have paid for, and if you have a crash which happens a lot on a PC, you may lose your right to re-install the software if you are not reverent enough or say anything contrary to the glory and promotion of The Magi Society.

Ann, I have never distributed any material beyond a paragraph with due credits given of where I got it. Prove it. Then the national NCGR group became fractious and some people like on the NCGR Yahoo chat group started laughing at people who used asteroids and other bodies not visible from their back porch. They deposed the witch at one point since she was running her own brand of NCGR on a site with their name on it. Astrology should be marching toward science and not backward to interpreting a handful of objects.

I have not problem with any of them except a few bothersome bugs. They still get my money every time there is a worthwhile upgrade. I was an early adopter and used their software regularly. They may disallow your further use of their software. Suggestion to LibraLove — you obviously cheated and tried to give your MS software away to a someone and got caught and now you have a vendetta against the MS. The society has been selling software for 20 years and it was certain to run into an asshole like you after 20 years.

I have installed their software on four computers which is really generous. You are obviously unemployed since you have nothing better to do than slime the MS.

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You make up lies and have a hateful, cruel streak that fits their modus operandi perfectly. Birds of a feather… fit well together. LibraLove you bragged online last year that you ordered new software — more than one person protested directly to the Magi since I sure did —Loudly— and waited in line to do so.

Libralove is here to make sure people in the small astrological community know how you and your closed group operate. She is not the only one who fears their retaliation for some innocuous remark or a belief in science vs. Buyers beware! Just like school bullies on a playground and online, try to kill her or make her kill herself.

Make her feel bad that everyone hates her… and on and on. Good luck with that in the software marketplace. Now people will know so much more about how you people operate. AstroSandy or LibraLove, as the case may be, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but in your case a troll posting under any other name is still a troll. Anyone can see that you are the same person. The Magi Society is certainly not a cult—no one ever said anything about religion to me or asked me to pledge allegiance to any creed and legitimate members like myself install software on more than one computer— you are so full of crap you should post as John.

You must have been thrown out years ago for a very good reason because the Magi are fair. Suck it up.

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Interesting how a whole bunch of you all posted on Aug 2, , because you stumbled on this site and can make any name you wish for yourself and multiple posts under different names. You and TMS are unkind and unjust. You are the tea party thorn in the side of the astrological community anti-science, anti-women, anti-sexuality, etc. You go, guy! The US anti-trust people finally got tired of their shenanigans and hammered them with a BIG, well-deserved fine.

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The point is that software is licensed, not owned. An operating system such as Windows 7 is licensed, and maybe the license says you can install it on as many computers as you like but it is not fair to compare that to licensed proprietary software in a private organization. A license states the terms and conditions of use. A software vendor can limit the license to a stated number of installations, or license software for a one time use as a trial version or provide unlimited installations.

Cute FTP is one larger software company for example that refused to provide more codes to me after a certain number of installs—there are others.

Nor would I expect a software vendor to give me a free upgrade after 5 years. Everyone take note. I realized after waiting a couple of months there had been no intention to ever do so. I know other people who have had less than kind experiences with TMS as well.

You will also never see a list of their Board of Directors, owner or anyone. The software was not even really worth what I paid for it — since I suffered through many years of bugs since I bought their very first version on diskettes, until I received each newer, less buggy version. I use each astrological software I buy for different graphic data sorts. I work in science graphics and have for many years where I have to display sometimes unintelligible data into easy to read graphics so scientists can be able to quickly interpret data meaning at a glance.

I am outspoken, having been raised in highly religious, cruel and restrictive Lubbock, TX, and now work in science publishing, so science people are not all that wild about astrology and vice-versa, so I use aliases on some groups. They can be cruel and seem hate filled from my experience.

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Magi Astrology: The Key To Success In Love And Money

Much to my surprise the nice people at Alabe. Good luck with a purchase of TMS software. Why instead have you created a public spectacle of yourself without first simply trying to resolve this like a mature adult? Or is it that you did something wrong or said something embarrassing and are too ashamed to contact the Magi Society directly again in person? Hey silly one. Got that?

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The thing is, they came into the astrological community July which thrives on allowing for various systems, beliefs and theories based on thousands of years of astrological research and experience in reading data charts and pretty much said it was all hogwash and started trying to re-invent the wheel.

Then they tied Christianity to the wagon. They had some good new theories based in Chiron aspects, etc, but went way overboard swapping Uranus and Saturn meanings in the beginning and a bunch of other stupid mistakes that I pointed out, and got black-balled for. Astrology is more akin to science than it is to religion, as it began along with and connected to math, geometry and astronomy, The Magi Society tied it up to their religion and Christianity, which is a travesty.

You also need to swallow their entire bucket of hogwash or they disallow your membership and software license. I refuse to kowtow to their brand of BS astrology and I have plenty of other apps to do what I need. They should have added their principles to the ones that already are known to exist and work, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

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I have always been against bigotry and issues where freedom of speech is not allowed. Having been tortured by Christians in the past, I have no intention of staying silent while they make a mockery out of astrology which has been relegated primarily due to religions, to a lost and persecuted science. I belong to the Magi Society and am grateful to learn useful astrology techniques not found elsewhere but in more than 20 years in the astrological community I have never run into the kind of bigotry and prejudice displayed here.

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Any person of authentic spiritual awareness would not support the dissemination of hatred much less engage in Christian-bashing in light of Benghazi and the continued threats to US citizens especially Christians. The anti-Christian fanatics continue to kill innocent people and put our troops as well as civilians in jeopardy every day.