January 7 super moon astrology

Look back to what was happening in your life in , and compare it to what happens this year.

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Were you fooled? Dishonest with yourself or others? Did you take the reins when you should have been asking for help steering? Did you oversell something? Were you delusional? January Do what you do best. Work smarter not harder by tapping into your natural strengths.

Think outside the box. Jupiter Parallel Pluto and Mercury conjunct Pluto support your innate talents and gifts. The Sun and Mercury enter Aquarius, the sign of the collective conscience. Our thoughts shift from our personal improvement to what is best for the group. What you initiate now has maximum growth potential. Venus sidles up next to lucky Jupiter.

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Make any beauty appointments or luxurious self-care this week. Full Moon January 20th: P: Your time is now. Set additional intentions around: Absolving neediness and insecurities Removing fears around being the star of your own life Letting go of doubt and self-consciousness.

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    Timing with the Astrological Moon: Void Moon Dates

    Think about your wish, take a deep breath in, hold it close to your heart, and then exhale and watch your wish float out into the Universe. Trust that your wish has been heard, trust that it will be fulfilled in the best way possible as you move through the year.

    5 Things You Should Know About The Eclipse / FULL Moon (January 21st, 2019)

    As the first month of the year, January helps us to wipe the slate clean and gives us the motivation and ambition for new beginnings. This month, we may desire to start something new and think about putting plans into action. We have a lot of forward moving energy this month encouraging us to take a leap and put our plans into action.


    Intuitive Astrology Forecast January - Forever Conscious

    We also have two ultra potent Eclispes as well, and this energy may give us a much needed push. If you are looking for direction, these Eclipses will bring some clarity and will help you to know which way to turn. In fact, as these Eclipses work their magic, we are going to feel more aligned and more confident about our path forward. This is the first Capricorn Eclipse we have had since , and it heralds the start of a new Eclipse cycle. This Solar Eclipse will be helping us to set intentions and to think about the path forward.

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    The Eclipse will also be supporting us to make new goals and take a few risks when it comes to leaping in our chosen direction. Think back to what themes were happening in your life around as this may give you a clue as to what this new Eclipse cycle may bring your way. This Eclipse is extremely significant and will be helping to wrap up a huge cycle of energy that we have been working with since February This Eclipse will be encouraging you to honor all you have learned since this time, and to release and let go of all that no longer serves you.

    This Eclipse will also be encouraging you to take all you have learned and birth it out into the world in some way. While the Solar Eclipse has a lighter tone to it, the Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month may be heavy, and we may find some old pains and wounds brought up to the surface for clearing. It seems that all of us are being called to detoxify on a mind, body, and soul level before we can move through the rest of the year. These two Eclipses really dominate the energy of the month and are likely to bring some changes our way.

    We may have to stay open and see what flows in or out of our lives before we know which way to go.