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Where Uranus likes to experiment, Taurus takes the traditional route. Uranus likes to be an innovator and Taurus says, "I'm good with tradition. Too many attempted outer changes result in the need for inner change. Take time out from your busy schedule to reflect on the lessons you may have missed recently.

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Saturn is in Capricorn for the year, indicating a strong work ethic and the need to get serious about some things. Her aspects to Jupiter and Neptune on the twenty-third and twenty-fourth have you feeling fun and flirty… but the attraction may be quick to fizzle out.

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Fortunately, Mercury will be spending two months in Pisces your second house of finance , giving you plenty of time to balance your checkbook. From February April 16, try keeping a money diary to track your expenses.

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Mercury goes retrograde three times this year—and for better or worse, Aquarius, all three happen in career and money houses. Progress may be slow, but with the North Node in Cancer your sixth house of work , trust that things are moving in the right direction. The total solar eclipse in Cancer July 2 could signal a new direction. With Mercury and other inner planets opposing Uranus, constant interruptions make it hard to keep your eye on the prize.

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